10 Best Battle Royale Games For PC 2021

Many younglings are obsessed with video games and it has become a mania now. Out of all the genres of video games available, we must say that Battle Royale has literally lifted the trophy from past few years and it seems like it will continue to do so in the coming years as well. The popularity of Battle Royale games have rose to whole new level, but only few names are surfacing on the top like PUBG, Call of Duty, Apex Legends etc. Other than these games, there are tons of other Battle Royale games that are ruling the charts with their outstanding gaming strategies. So today we present before you Best Battle Royale Games in the market. 

Battle Royale games are raking in legions of votes with the game play that incurs single man surviving by the end. For the unversed, Battle Royale is about a group of people entering the game, shooting, gathering weapons, hiding behind the bushes, planning, shrinking etc. The game lasts until all the people are killed and only one person remains. One has to observe that all the battle royale games are very much similar in terms of fights and strategies, but the difference lies in the way they are uniquely designed considering different players and their tastes. 

10 Best Battle Royale Games For PC 2021

If you are someone who enjoys playing distinct battle royale games then this article is solely for you. Today we will be discussing some in-demand Best Battle Royale Games PC that will blow your mind off. Dive in to know what they are!


PUBG is an all-time highly rated Battle Royale Game with very huge player base. It was launched back in 2017 and took over the then popular battle royale game H1Z1 in no time to become number one. Even today there is not even slight decrease in the player base and still attracts thousands of players every day. The developers of the game update the modes, vehicles, weapons, maps etc every now and then to hook up the gamers. The game is available not only on PC, but also on PlayStation 4 Xbox One, iOS, Android, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds etc. 

Coming to the gameplay that shook over the blue planet, it supports 100-person sessions. You have multiple options to play like solo, duo or even in a four-person squad. The game has many properties that let the player survive throughout the game standing against other players like armor, weapons, vehicles, maps etc. The prime drawback of PUBG is that it is not cross-platform game. 

2. Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone has deviated a little from the line of battle royale, but still makes it to the list because of the kind of game play it follows. It introduces new elements like loadout kits, respawn matches etc that make it different in the list. With the tint of shooter games, this warzone game will attract gamers like anything. It is a 150-player game where only one team sustains in the end. Players can collect cash as a part of the game and spend it on respawning teammates at Buy Stations. You can also invest it on establishing a Warzone loadout and tag it as a reward. 

This game doesn’t let you down as losing a teammate doesn’t really affect your gameplay and you can just continue with your passion. In order to make cash you can loot around. The game doesn’t allow any camping in the gas meta. The armour plates will protect your entire body so there is no need to fret about possible attacks. The health also regenerates just like in the multiplayer game. Out and out it is a free game to play and has so much fun to offer.

3. Fortnite 

Fortnite is yet another popular Battle Royale game that gamers are in love with lately. The game has introduced battle royale elements to the existing game and went on to win the hearts of the players that like this kind of formula gaming. The game primarily focused on building the environment singly and has turned into a competitive cum multilayer game. The building elements however remained the same. The game revolves around scavenging the environment and buildings nearby searching for the weapons that help kill the opponents. 

The action in this game literally takes the gamers to the virtual battlefield. The game often undergoes updates in terms of content as well as in terms of quality, which makes it stand out among the other Battle Royale games. 

4. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is also another Best Free Battle Royale Games that is making notable buzz. This game made over 25 million players in just a week of its launch. It is a fast paced game and the gamers that enjoy intensive gun fights will be after it for sure. You will witness mountainous terrains in the game and have to slide and swift along with walk and run to reach the targets. You can earn a bounty if your team wins on the opponent team successfully in the set time. 

Apex legends have ping option that eliminates the problems through mic communication. Players can get an idea about the play by clicking on the scroll wheel as it pops up the valuable loot, places of interest, charging hostiles etc. Totally the Apex Games are a must-play games for every gamer at least once in a lifetime.

5. Ring of Elysium

This is another Battle Royale game we have in our list that will swoon away the gamers with its unique gameplay. As the name suggests, the game includes a ring that can kill the players. The game has natural disasters popping everywhere and you must be very much attentive in the game to survive and thereby win the game. In the end, if you survive with your tactics and luck, you will board a helicopter from the hellish landscape in the game. The developers of the game keeps on improving the gameplay in different areas to attract more and more players.

6. Firestorm

Battlefield 5 has added the battle royale genre in its gameplay and the formula worked very well for it. The Scandinavian map has many capture points dotted around making the 64 players to help plan high tier loot. There are vehicles that offer rewards alike like hopping into a tank will be at advantage over the other players; however it is not possible to escape without being noticed by other players. The full match requires waiting, but the ultimate shooting it offers with super realistic visuals makes you play it time and again. 

The game features a circle of fire that keeps shrinking and players need to be alert and escape from the edges which if not done will be burnt. All the 64 players will land without any loadout, which is similar to other battle royale games. The Firestorm version is available for all the Battlefield V players for free. 

7. Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is also a battle royale game as the name says. It is again one among the Best Online Battle Royale Games one should not miss playing. It has got gameplay that is very much similar to PUBG, which is why it is taking success steps. The developers of the game are also into improvising the game in terms of content every now and then to make it player-friendly and to grab the masses attention. It is again a free game to be played on PC and it offers many tweaks that are unique for it. Unlike other games that offer its players armours and equipment to protect themselves, in this game player is given pots, pans, and other kitchenware essentials to protect themselves from the opponents. 

That is where the name of the game came from. The weaponry in the game is inspired by WW2 games and the players are very less in count. If you are looking for a free battle royale game with not so serious fights and action sequences, then Cuisine Royale could be your go-to game. 

8. Hyperscape

Hyperscape is a free battle royale game that involves first-person shooting. It is developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is available for PC and also for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game has integrated with video game live streamers that affect the match outcome. The game involves 99 players in the map that slowly shrinks and players get eliminated over time. The unique thing about this game is that, a crown appears once the last sector closes. The player who can have the crown for 45 seconds will take the winner title home. Also, the game comes to an end when only one player or team remains.

Players can find weapons and hacks that let them transform into a giant ball that can help them become invisible. The player killed during the game becomes an Echo and they can help the other teammates by alerting them through the dangers. 

9. Realm Royale

If you are into action then this game is just and just for you. It is another battle royale game in our list that has very big fan count. The game has some good action packed features along with magical abilities. The game has multiple character classes with different abilities each. The game starts with 100 players dropping from an airship into a shrinking place. As usual the players need to eliminate their opponents and secure their position till the end to remain as the winner. They need to collect weapons to fight against each other and survive. 

Using the crafting system players have to broke down the found items and make useful items called Forges. The knocked down players are turned into chicken and they may get back to their positions if they survive the attacks from the opponents effectively.  It is a fun game to play and gamers who want to play magic-action combo can give this game a shot.

10. Crossout

Crossout is a free battle royale game to play on PC. It is a vehicle multiplayer game where the players are thrown into a wasteland where they need to customize their own vehicles to combat and survive from other players. The players need to craft their own formidable death machine that can lay waste to opponents. The players will earn parts to customize the combat vehicles during the battle. The weapons used in the game include miniguns, vehicular chainsaws etc. 

Other than just the fighting, there is also a crossout which the players have to look out for. The players can exchange the earned parts with other players to craft an efficient machine. The vehicles need to be build strong to sustain the battles. You have to craft a vehicle that can save you from death and make you survive throughout the game to tag you as a winner.


Well, these are the Best Battle Royale Games for PC in the market right now that are making a positive buzz. Just by sitting at your home and right in front of your PC very comfortably you can play these action-packed games. We hope this article is of little help to those devotional gamers who are in search for battle royale games. These battle royale genre games will make your day for sure. If you knew more battle royale genre games then do share them with us.

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