How Much VRAM is Needed for Gaming?

If you are a gamer, you would have had a clear idea about the VRAM and the role it plays in promoting outstanding gaming experience. With the high-quality games filled with graphic detailing making rounds now and then, it is difficult to get the GPU’s upgraded all the time. To save the hard-earned bucks we have to settle with a GPU that resolves all our upgrading issues once and for all. As we all know, VRAM is the one that stores the graphic data on it and gives access to the GPU whenever the concerned process is executed by the gamer. One of the biggest doubts that gamers have is, How Much VRAM is Needed for Gaming? This is a serious question that gamers have and we thought it is high time that we answer it here and now. 

What is VRAM?

If you are someone unfamiliar with the word VRAM, have a good read into this para. You will know what VRAM is all about and how much you need of it to make your PC gaming worthwhile. VRAM stands for Video Random Access Memory whose purpose is to store the graphic data and provide quick access to the GPU whenever a corresponding process is run in the foreground. At present, GDDR SDRAM is popular VRAM available. The VRAM is specifically designed for graphics processing.

VRAM is built onto the graphics card which is why it is quite easier for the GPU to access the graphics data present on it. Having a VRAM quickens the process of fetching the graphic data as compared to fetching the same data from SSD/HDD in the PC. However, you cannot install more of VRAM as you do with RAM as again it is built onto the graphics card. To upgrade the VRAM, you have to upgrade the graphics card. If you want to know the Minimum VRAM for Gaming, it is 2 GB. It is the minimum video memory required for gaming. For better gaming, you can opt for 4 GB. For 1080p gaming, the VRAMs available are 3GB/6GB and 4GB/8GB. 

VRAM Vs RAM: Which One for Gaming

RAM (Random Access Memory), as we all know is a part of the central unit and accessed by the CPU. It acts as primary storage where the currently executed programs store. The more the RAM size, the more data the system can store and with more speed the computer can execute processes. Now let us look into the difference VRAM and RAM have. VRAM performs graphics-related tasks and promotes a smoother flow of the video game. On the other hand, RAM loads the operating system and promotes smother run of the programs. 

If you ask us to talk about VRAM Vs RAM Gaming, it is pretty clear that VRAM is the one that takes all the limelight. The minimum RAM required for the computer to run the programs smoothly is 8 GB. If you use your computer for professional work that requires you to execute resource-intensive programs, you should have 16 GB RAM. The 16 GB RAM allows you to play any sort of high-end games on your PC without hurdles. However, it is not worth investing bucks on the RAM, instead invest on graphic card or CPU. 

If you are a gaming freak and love to explore all the latest games, it is must that you own latest graphics card along with good size VRAM. First of all, know that the size of VRAM has everything to do with the type of games you play. For instance, if you play Minecraft game, it has fewer graphics than any other high-graphic game like Hitman. The high graphic games require big VRAM size for faster access and loading. For example, 2 GB RAM goes well with 720p resolution games, 4 GB for 1080p, 6 GB for 1440p and 8 GB for 2160p respectively. If you don’t want to upgrade every year with the fastest-developing gaming, you can opt for 12 GB VRAM which serves you for a very long period.

Factors Impact VRAM?

As we said earlier, more the VRAM, more graphics data will be accessed by the GPU. Some factors impact the performance of VRAM directly as well as indirectly. The factors that have a significant impact on VRAM are:

  • Monitor’s Resolution
  • The Games You Are Playing
  • The Settings You Are Playing Your Games At
  • Game Mods

Monitor’s Resolution 

The resolution of the monitor has a great impact on the performance of the VRAM. Higher the resolution of the monitor, higher the use of VRAM to process a single frame. For a 4K resolution monitor, more VRAM is required. This is because a single 1080P frame requires less space than a 1440P frame. 

Impact of Gaming

Just like the way the resolution of a monitor impacts the VRAM performance, gaming also has a  great impact on the VRAM. For instance, games like Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft don’t require more VRAM like the games Shadow of War, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds do. The high-graphic detailing of the later games demands big VRAM size. 

Games Settings

Other than the type of games you play, the settings of the games also impact the VRAM performance and size. The settings impact the use of VRAM by the GPU while fetching the frames. You can run the games at lower settings as well as higher and it will require more data to be fetched, which in turn requires more VRAM. If you own a small size VRAM, say 2 GB and you wish to play a high-end graphic game, you can still adjust the settings in such a way that the VRAM is used less. This is a trick that the budget-gamers have to adapt to play the latest games on their age-old computers without investing much on upgraded GPUs and VRAMs. 

Game Mods

The video memory or VRAM can be used excessively when third party mods come into the picture. All this happens because some mods come packed with high-resolution graphics that require more video memory. If you are someone who prefers to play games that include lots of mods, you better go with a more VRAM along with big GPU. 

How Much VRAM is Needed for Gaming

If you wonder Does VRAM Matter for Gaming? Here is the answer for you. VRAM makes a difference in gaming, especially when the games fall in the high-end category. There is this thing that you need to take note of; just because you own higher video memory, you cannot expect higher performance. This is because GPU is the one that holds the sole credits of the higher performance. VRAM on the other hand aids GPU by giving quick access to the graphic data. You must get a higher GPU or at least the mid-level one to enjoy the proper gaming experience. The high-end GPU’s can support 8 GB of VRAM and even higher.


We hope your doubt about How Much VRAM is Needed for Gaming? is cleared now. The size of the VRAM needed completely depends on the types of games you play. The more high-graphics game you play, the more video memory gets used. In any case, it is suggested that you get a high-end GPU with a minimum of 4 GB VRAM as it will not let you look further. Nevertheless, you can assume the VRAM needed by your PC based on the settings and resolutions of the games you play. Hope we prepped you up for your next GPU purchase with the information we have shared here. If you find our article useful and interesting, do bookmark out the website and stay tuned. We shall be coming up with engaging stuff in the coming future. You can also share your thoughts about this topic with us in the comments section below.

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