TV Vs Monitor for Gaming: Which one is Best?

Gaming has become a thing for many of the people these days and they are ready to invest in anything that delivers the best ever gaming features. Gone are the days when monitors are the only source for gaming. Now with the advanced technology, TVs are being designed in such a way that they set a new trend in the gaming world. The debate for the TV Vs Monitor, which is the best, has heated up and gamers are in a dilemma to decide what to buy.  So to make it clear for our readers we have come up with this article on TV Vs Monitor for Gaming. Here in this article, we will give you a firm understanding of the TV vs Monitor for gaming so that you can easily pick the one that suits your requirements.

Gaming Monitor Vs TV

It tracks back to former times when TVs are only meant for viewing dramas and movies and monitors are only meant for working and playing. But now the technology has brought us a long way that we can witness what we couldn’t even imagined. Individually there are no pros and cons to talk about the TVs and Monitors, but when the gaming comes into the picture, there is a lot to discuss about. If you are in confusion whether to buy a TV or a monitor for your gaming then just give this article a good read. 

For gamers, the display is very important as it is the main interface that they look at while playing. The display for Monitor and TV may look similar, but in general there are lots of features that carry the difference. Here we will be discussing the features that are common in both Monitor and TV and yet versatile. 

On one hand we have traditional gaming monitors while on the other hand we have smart TVs that can fulfill the job of monitors effortlessly. This makes the decision tough for the gamer as it can be compared to choosing between two eyes. At such times, we have to look into the aspects and features they offer and compare them in every way possible to find out which one weighs more.  For that, you need to read this Gaming Monitor Vs TV article thoroughly as we did the comparison for you. Check it out!

1. Screen Size

The very much difference that anyone can note in a monitor and a TV is size. While the monitors range from 21 to 32 inches, TVs size range from 32 inches to 65 inches.

However, you can still find smaller or bigger monitors or TVs. It is obvious that it feels good to play games on a bigger screen other than just watching entertaining stuff. But if you use a desktop display that is much bigger than normal size for example 27 inches, it gets difficult to feel the comfort, especially when we are close up there.

Of course, this depends on the aspect ratio in the end. Also, just because a screen is large, it is not necessary that the quality is A class too. This is the time when the resolution comes into the picture.

2. Resolution

In the Monitor Vs TV for Gaming, the very next thing that we look into while buying a TV or monitor is the resolution. The screen resolution plays a major role and one must and should give a damn to it without hitting miss. The very recent resolution to shake the world is 4K Ultra HD and it is available both in monitors and TVs. While the monitor for 4K series available in 43”, the TV is available in 50”-55”. The good resolution starts from 1080p which means full HD and it goes up to 4K Ultra HD. With the increase of the pixels, the images get clearer and clearer. 

The standard 16:9 QHD model of a monitor comes with 2560×1440 resolutions and the ultrawide 21:9 size monitor comes with 3440x1440p resolution. On the other hand, in TVs 8K is the current highest resolution available. 

So if you want to decide which one is the best resolution for monitors, then we would say that 1440p for gaming purpose. If the resolution is big and the screen size is small, then you cannot really enjoy the gaming at all. This only works when you have efficient GPU. Coming to the TVs, they can rule the resolution of up to 4K as they are available in big sizes like 40”, 50” and even 60” and more. 

Considered the above criteria, if you head to buy a monitor, then you can go for 1440p for best gaming experience and for TVs, 4K should be your ultimate choice. Though 8K has also made its debut, it really doesn’t give that damn good gaming experience to the users considering the fact that the GPUs may be at risk. Also, the new gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will focus on 4K resolution. So, at this point of time investing on a TV with 1080p is of no use.

3. Refresh Rate

Another significant point that comes to mind when we compare TV Vs Monitor for PC Gaming to pick a right display for our gaming is the refresh rate. The refresh rate refers to the number of times the display can refresh the image every second. It also indicates the number of frames it can display per second. With the frame rate at peaks you can experience the best gaming ever. It makes the game more responsive. This also improves the edge in multiplayer games. 

Now talking about the refresh rate of monitors and TVs, monitors come with 60 Hz, 144 Hz, and 240 Hz refresh rates up until now. The 60 Hz refresh rate is standard and is used in most of the displays, 144 Hz is faster and responsive and finally 240 Hz delivers extraordinary responsiveness and is apt for competitive gaming.

On the other hand, the basic refresh rate of TVs is 50 Hz and 60 Hz. If you are looking for a TV with higher refresh rates then you have to go for high-end models that come with refresh rates of up to 120 Hz and 240 Hz. The motion blur in TVs is controlled by using technologies like frame interpolation. These technologies don’t go well while playing games as they cause input lag.. Anyway if you are looking for a display with good refresh rate then you better opt for monitor with a high refresh rate.

4. Response Time

The next thing in the list is the response time. The response time refers to how fast a pixel can change its color from black to white. The response time should always be high in order to avoid motion blur. Response time for monitors is quite good and ranges from 1ms to 4ms. The response time of TVs are not neck and neck with the monitors and range from 5ms to 8ms. So, this increase the chances of motion blur and ghosting greatly. Nevertheless, the high response time cannot be noted unless and until it is 10ms or higher. 

5. Input and Output

The input lag is another concept to consider while investing on a display for gaming purpose. The monitor has improved input lag compared to the TVs and it is a pro for gamers who play console games. The input lag refers to the time taken by the display to receive the signal and process it and showcase it on the screen. When it comes to TVs, they use filters for better picture and sound quality which results in input lag. Nevertheless, none of the features shall be considered while playing console games as the image quality is the soul duty of console. 

The input lag creates a noticeable delay in the actions performed like pressing buttons etc on the screen. However, this is not the case with monitors as unlike TV, it doesn’t do any processing for sending the signal to the display. TVs produce input lag of 60 milliseconds while monitors produce only 10 milliseconds of input lag. If you are someone who doesn’t like lag while playing your game then you would better opt for a monitor that has far less input lag compared to TVs. 

TV Vs Monitor: Which One Best for Gaming

To decide whether a TV or a monitor is best for gaming takes a lot of information for comparison, which is what we have done so far. As the comparison is completed, now we will put forward what is the best display to play games. We will clearly discuss the same below in the PC gaming and Console gaming concepts. It is clear that you want to invest on a display that can offer pure gaming. Down here we will discuss about the two aspects of gaming through TV and Monitor which will give you a clear understanding of the gaming in PC and Console. 

TV Vs Monitor for PC Gaming

If you want to know which one among the TV and Monitor is best for PC gaming, then we would say both. Because PC gaming doesn’t involve competitive gaming to great extent. Gamers will have fewer expectations from the display when they are not playing not-so competitive games. If you are someone who enjoy playing just anything without complaining then you can blindly go for a TV or a monitor. PC gaming doesn’t require more of the features that a high-end device alone proffers. 

If you choose to buy a TV then you can enjoy your gaming in your living room sitting right in your couch and if you buy a monitor then you can enjoy simple gaming that doesn’t involve any ordeal. So, users can absolutely choose TV or monitor of their liking in their very budget and enjoy playing their favorite games to their heart’s content.

Monitor Vs TV for Console Gaming

If you are a professional gamer and want to get clear picture of Monitor Vs TV for Console Gaming, then you have to read this through as well. If you want to play console gaming and are determined to be on the leader board with top score then you have to decide what makes you succeed. Console gaming is all about professional gamers who play their heart out 24×7. So gamers who enjoy console gaming can go get a monitor with a console or just connect their PC to a TV. With the highly advanced technology at hand you can just do anything that the technology permits you to. 

Coming to what is best for console gaming, TV or Monitor, we would vote for Monitor. Taking into consideration all the features that both the TV and Monitor share similarly, we can easily say that Monitor has more to do with the gaming than the TV. Especially when console gaming comes into the picture, TV may not stand out as much as the Monitor do. So, it would be very much recommended for the console gamers to go for a monitor if they are set to play some top class games.


So we conclude that it is up to the requirement and interest of the person which one to buy among TV and a Monitor for gaming purpose. Taking into account the lower input lag, higher refresh rates, faster response time of the monitors; they have great scope for console gaming at competitive targets. Also, they are best for both PC and console gaming considering their pricing as well. On the other hand, TVs lack in the aforesaid features and their prices are skyrocketed too. Also, it is next to impossible to sit relaxingly and play a competitive game where you are to kill or die any second. It is needless to say that monitors are the displays that creates the environment for the gamers to play such competitive games and TVs on the other hand promote relaxing kind of game play where you play just to pass the time most of the times. So, our vote clearly goes to monitor as it offers features as well as is affordable.

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