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Some gamers religiously play games. They tend to put their heart and soul into the gameplay often to secure the win. Sometimes though the gamer is efficient enough to play the game well, the internal factors associated with the system like ping can disturb the entire thing. The ping should be at a good low to play with perfect timing. If it goes utter low or soaring high, it entirely disturbs the gameplay. If you ever wondered why your game is running a little late, then you must know about ping, which is the culprit here. Here we will be talking about What Is Ping In Gaming and how it can be adjusted to bring the game back to normal.

What Is Ping In Gaming?

Ping has a lot of significance in gaming. It is important to maintain low ping to have good gameplay. First, let us learn what ping is about. Ping is nothing but a signal sent out through the network to another computer and back. The time taken by the signal to travel back and forth is measured in milliseconds. The signal signifies the time taken for a packet of data to travel from the computer to the server and back. The measurement is also called latency. If the ping is high, the gamer will experience a lag in the gaming instantly, which could destroy the entire game for all the teammates who are playing. So, it is good to maintain low ping for happy gaming.

We hope you have got clarity about What Is Ping by now. Now let us look into the ping rate and how much is needed for online gaming. Online gamers, especially professionals seek the best gaming possible and low ping is a must to achieve it. The low the ping is, the best the game will be. Let us now talk about the good ping rate for online gaming.

What Is A Good Ping Rate For Online Gaming?

The ping rate can be tested online using various tools available. There are numerous ping tools for free that you can use to test your internet connection. If you ask us What Is A Good Ping Speed, the ideal ping is 50 milliseconds. This particular ping would go hand in hand with competitive online gaming. The average ping false between 50 ms – 150 ms. This range of ping would allow you to play the game without any distractions like lagging and all. But if the ping rises above 200 ms, there the problem starts. The first thing you will notice is a server glitch followed by input delays, server lag, and communication issues. If the ping continues to stay at 200 ms and above, you may even lose the connection to the server. 

If you wish to know What Does Ping Mean In Games you have to read the following info. While playing live games, ping can help the gamers get aware of the speed at which the computer is communicating with the gaming server. In short, using a ping gamer can test the responsiveness of the game. The location at which the server is placed also contributes to the highs and lows of ping. 

Why Is My Ping So High?

Now that you are aware of What Is A Good Ping For Gaming let us look into the factors that make the ping goes high. If your ping is very high and you want to know the reasons for it, read on!

1. Internet Service Provider Quality

The internet service providers offer various features and that differ from one ISP to another. Multiple things need to be examined such as speed, latency, availability, data, price, reliability, etc. If any of these things go missing, gamers are to face serious problems while gaming. The download and upload speeds play a major role in this category. Especially the upload speed should be quite good as it is what contributes to maintaining the low ping level. The upload speed must be at least 3 Mbps.

Also, the wired connection is better to go with than the wireless one to have uninterrupted gaming. The equipment like routers and wires should also be checked thoroughly. The data speed offered by the ISP should be at least 25 Mbps for gaming. If you are an intense gamer, you will be needing 1 Gbps and unlimited data for sure.

2. Internet Speed 

If you wonder Why Is My Ping So High, here is another reason for it. The speed of the internet has a lot to do with the high ping. While the higher internet speed allows the ping to stay low by sending and receiving the data faster, the less speed connection will increase the ping. A wired connection gives consistent data flow compared to a wireless connection helping the ping stay low. 

3. Inadequate Bandwidth 

The bandwidth also contributes to the high latency or ping. The gamer has to make sure to maintain the bandwidth to keep the ping low as it may affect the gaming. The bandwidth comes into the picture when the uploading takes place. If the uploading is slow, the data will be sent and received at slower rates which will affect the ping. To check the bandwidth you have to run a speed test. 

There are also other factors like geographical location, the configuration of firewalls, etc that would answer your question What Causes High Ping. They need to be taken care of well to keep the ping low. These things can help you maintain the ping low from your end.

How To Get Better Ping?

Now let us look into How To Lower Ping as it will assist you in playing next-level gaming on your system without any time delay. Here we have listed out some of the best tricks to perform to better ping. 

  1. Test your ping. Before starting a game, you can check your ping to avoid the worst game experience. You can perform online speed tests to find out your ping before heading to start a game.
  2. If unnecessary programs are running in the background that could slow the gaming, close them immediately.
  3. If you are using a wireless connection, make sure your router is very much around you. The closer you are to your router, the better internet speed you can enjoy.
  4. If the above step didn’t work, try and change the connection to wired.
  5. If you are using a wireless router, consider using a powerline adaptor which is a small plug that can help improve the power of the wireless signal.
  6. Make sure you are the only one using the internet connection and nobody else is using it, especially YouTube, Netflix, etc. It ultimately slows down the internet speed as two or more users are using web heavy services at the same time.
  7. Upgrade home router or computer’s network if possible.
  8. If you are a professional gamer, do check for the best of the best broadband internet connection.
  9. Check if your game clients are the latest version.
  10. Confirm with the internet service provider that there isn’t any problem with the network in the area.

These steps will assist you in attaining better ping in a short time. Hope your doubt about How To Get Better Ping has been answered. 

Do Gaming Routers Help Ping?

Now let us look into the gaming routers and their impact on ping. So Do Gaming Routers Help Ping? Yes, obviously. A good gaming router is very significant in keeping the ping low. Gaming router plays a crucial role in the gaming by helping prioritize the network traffic so that the bandwidth is completely committed to the gaming. So, you must get the best quality gaming router if you are someone who plays religiously. Some routers even route traffic to the fastest servers you are gaming on.

On the same note, a better router cannot always solve the ping issue. Can A Better Router Improve Ping? Maybe not! Whilst a good gaming router alone is not sufficient to maintain a low ping, it will surely assist you in handling many other problems you might face. With all these tips and tricks we have shared with you, bring your ping at its ideal best and enjoy your gaming to the core. We wish and hope that you are content with the information we have created here on What Is Ping In Gaming and much more. If so, do lend us your support by bookmarking our website – PCGAMINGGEAR.NET.

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